Strategy #3 – Marketing System

Hi, everybody. James Lawson here again from Impact Business Solutions with Video Number 3 in our five video series, How to Take Your Business from Survive to Thrive. So, in this video, we’re going to look at marketing systems, right? How to create a system that can attract, can convert leads almost on demand. So, we’ll see you in a couple of seconds.

Welcome back. So, marketing system, what are we talking about? Well, what we want do here is to create a leverage system that you can attract leads of your perfect target market and then convert those leads into [inaudible] paying clients. It’s what everybody wants. Now, there’s three things that you’ve got to really focus on when you do this.

1. Lead Magnet

The first thing is, in order to attract a lead, it’s always good to give away something of value, right? So, we call that a lead magnet, and what we want to be thinking about is a high-value piece of content, something that your target market would want that’s going to help them solve a problem even if you aren’t there. Now, I get it. Kind of intuitive, right? But, that’s how you’re going to show that you’re an authority in your marketplace or an expert at what you do. So, we want to create a lead magnet, give it away, help your prospect solve a problem even if you’re not there.

2. Nurturing Emails
The second thing we want to be looking at is what we call lead nurturing. So, now that your prospect has your piece of content, you want to be able then to communicate with them on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis, again, with more content, high value, and every so often, maybe inject an offer in there. What this is going to do for you is keep you top of mind. So, when your prospect is ready to make a decision, you’re the person they’re going to be thinking about. So, it’s not enough just to give something away. We’ve got to make sure that we keep in constant contact with those prospects that have ordered your product or your free giveaway. So, that’s the first two things.

3. Automate (Set up & Forget it)

The third thing is you got to automate this, guys. You can’t be doing this thing manually. The whole point of creating a marketing system is to leverage technology, whether it’s Constant Contact, Email Chimp, Infusionsoft. There’s a bunch out there. Find one that meets your needs. It doesn’t have to be the Rolls Royce, but it does have to be able to create — or for you to create a series of emails, of follow-up emails, that you can then have go out automatically, as I said, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Do those three things. Put your free giveaway on your website. Make it the first thing people see because that’s all they’re interested in, and then watch the follow-up. Sooner or later, some of these prospects are going to be calling you saying, “You’re the person for me because your content is so good and you’re an expert at what you do.” So, follow those three things, I guarantee your leads will go up and so will your conversion rates.

So, in Video Number Four, we’re going to talk about — ho-ho — driving profits, not just profits — insane profits. I’m going to show you five ways in which you can do that. So, I look forward to seeing you on our next video. Take care.

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