Ferrari, Your Business & A Children’s Hospital

Ok if you have heard this before then feel free to stop reading..if not, read will blow you away!

Before we go on however let me just say this..I am NUTS over Formula 1 racing. Always have been. From as early an age as I can remember, watching these cars zoom around hairpin bends only to accelerate to 180mph in a few short seconds kept me on the edge of my seat.

Thing is that wasn’t the most interesting part of the race for me. The most interesting part? The pit stop!

Cars would come in and in less that 6 seconds they would have 4 new tires and have topped up their gas tank for the remainder of the race….6 SECONDS!

So, what does that have to do with you, your business and a Children’s hospital?

Simple…in an environment where 1,2 or 3/10ths of a second could be the difference between winning and losing, the pit stop has become THE place where the top teams spend most of their time refining and training.

Everyone on the team has ONE job…not 2 or 3…ONE!

The ‘lollipop’ guy has one job (he is the guy with the big lollipop that shows the driver where to break and when to go), unscrewing the wheel (one guy), taking the wheel off (one guy), putting the new wheel on (one guy) unscrew the fuel cap (one guy) and so on!

Such is the precision in this singular transaction that they will train for many hours until it becomes muscle memory…!

In his book How to be Predictable in Unpredictable Times, Jay Abraham recounts the story of how St. Ormands Street Hospital in London used Ferrari’s pit stop technique to create new protocols for the surgical team after they had seen a rise in deaths in children’s deaths at the hospital.

Over the course of 3 years or so, they completely over hauled how they managed from prep to surgery to ICU – where everyone had essentially one job and one person acted as the ‘lollipop’ man to make sure that everyone new exactly what to do and when.


Systems, Systems, Systems – that’s how you get predictable. Once you know how each action you take will have a predictable outcome, your business and your life become so much easier.

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