Ferrari, Your Business & A Children’s Hospital

Ok if you have heard this before then feel free to stop reading..if not, read will blow you away! Before we go on however let me just say this..I am NUTS over Formula 1 racing. Always have been. From as early an age as I can remember, watching these cars zoom around hairpin bends […]

Put Your Prospects In A Trance

We’re going to go through the 5 essential keys to a successful and reusable marketing campaign launch. Once you have these basics down, you can use them over and over again. The 5 essential keys are: Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Put an effective sales offer to work Avoid the marketing pitfalls Use a […]

The ‘ART’ of Delegation

Think about this, if there was an initiative where you could reduce your stress, increase your productivity and profit and help grow your teams skills – would you do it? Well you can do all of this by simply “learning” to delegate some of the more routine or recurring tasks in your day to day […]

Being Busy Doesn’t Equal Success!

How many times have you asked someone how things are going in their business only to hear back….”wow..things are really really busy!” Ok..what does that mean? All too often, people confuse being ‘busy’ with being ‘successful’ – they are NOT the same thing….. If you want to move from being BUSY to actually being SUCCESSFUL […]

Strategy #4- Driving INSANE Profit

Hi, everyone. James here from Impact Business Solutions and the creator of the Scale Your Business, Scale Your Life program. Welcome to video number four. I’m very excited. If I could show a way to increase your profits by 30% over the next 12 months, is that something you’d like to know about? If it […]

Strategy #3 – Marketing System

Hi, everybody. James Lawson here again from Impact Business Solutions with Video Number 3 in our five video series, How to Take Your Business from Survive to Thrive. So, in this video, we’re going to look at marketing systems, right? How to create a system that can attract, can convert leads almost on demand. So, […]

Strategy #2 – Positioning

    Click here to Download Your Worksheet Hi, everybody, and welcome to video number two and our five keys to taking your business from survival to creating a thriving business. Hi, my name is James Lawson. I am the co-founder of Impact Business Solutions and also the creator of the Scale Your Business/Scale Your […]

Strategy #1 – Design Your Business

Video Length: 5:34 Worksheet download: Design Your Business (click here) Why is it that most businesses have such a tough time just getting themselves out of survival mode to having a business that can just sustain itself? Typically, there are going to be five things that they’re not doing, and I’m going to tell you […]

Turn Your Business Card Into A Lead Generation Machine

Your business card is the most often overlooked form of lead generation. In fact, most business owners never even consider the possibility that their business card should be driving prospects to them in droves. And yet, it can be one of your most versatile lead generation tools for your business’s product or service. What you […]

Can You Really Explode Your Revenue By 16 Times?

  Add up your toiletries in your bathroom, and then count how many of them you use daily. You will discover you use about 20% of them 80% of the time. Your business is no different. 20% of what you do every day at work is producing approximately 80% of your total revenue. That also […]